EN / The Crystal Sky collection is Katerina´s favorite from the every day jewelry. It fullfills her futuristic vision and style while it is a highly wearable collection. Through its geometric lines it enhances a modern look of its wearer and makes sure to bring attention and awe to her everywhere she goes.
Katerina chose the non-allergenic surgical steel and Perspex (acrylic glass) material that are used in this collection as the materials of the future thanks to its look and feel but also the many curious ways these materials are used in architecture, medical and other innovative industries. It also makes a perfect choice for anyone who may suffer from allergies.
The jewelry takes advantage of the wide choice of vivid and soft, light and dark colors that are used to color the acrylic glass to suit anybody´s style and preference. If you choose one of the light colors (soft blue, soft orange, and soft yellow) you will be surprised by a special double color effect on the crystal edges depending on lighting (especially when exposed to blue or violet tinted light). Katerina cuts and polishes each piece by hand into shapes reminding us of crystals. With its looks the acrylic glass perfectly imitates traditional glass but compared to glass it is not heavy and it is practically unbreakable.

CZ / Kolekce Crystal Sky je vyrobena z kvalitní anti-alergenní chirurgické oceli a doplněna barevným transparentním akrylátovým sklem, které je ručně broušené a leštěné do tvarů připomínající krystaly.  Akrylátové sklo výborně imituje sklo, ale oproti tradičnímu sklu je lehké a nerozbitné. U světlých barev SOFT BLUE, SOFT ORANGE a SOFT YELLOW vzniká na okrajích speciální dvoubarevný efekt, který se objeví v namodralé nebo fialové barvě, v závislosti na osvětlení.