Interview with #ZINEBYMIKARA

Interview with #ZINEBYMIKARA

[Mikara] What gets you in the zone to create these amazing statement jewelry pieces ?
My biggest inspiration is human body where it is possible to find so
many spots for the jewellery to be innovatively placed and thus create a
new form of the jewellery. I like to discover these new spots, step
over the boundaries in jewellery, be innovative and braver.


[Mikara] What is your favorite part about being a jewelry designer?
[Katerina] Freedom in creating.

[Mikara] Did you always want to be a jewelry designer? What was that one moment you knew you wanted to pursue this as a career?
Since my childhood I was fascinated by anything that sparkled and I
loved jewellery. However, I studied ceramic design and I didn’t switch
to studying jewellery until the university. It absorbed me so completely
that I was sure about my future occupation straigt away. Nevertheless,
by the time running I realized how crucial studying of the ceramic
design was for my jewellery work. Thanks to it I feel much freer in
jewellery making and I also have a better 3D imagination which can be
best seen at my more spacious pieces.

[Mikara] Describe Katerina Reich’s ideal client in 3-5 words?
[Katerina] Self-confident, modern, tasteful and happy.

[Mikara] How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewelry?
First of all comfy. With the bigger jewels-objects, it is important for
me to design them to fit well. Although, because of their extravagance,
they are not meant for longer wearing, but rather for shorter display
for example at a fashion show, social event, party or photo shooting.
The comfort while wearing the jewellery is for me a sign of a well
designed piece. I like to let people try my jewellery at exhibitions and
I watch their reactions. That’s the best feedback I can get as a
designer. It depends on the collection too. My last collection Kyō which
is inspired by Japanese culture their wearer puts herself in the role
of geisha and also conforms her movement to it which is fascinating for
me. With the subtle jewellery it is important for me to highligt the
natural beauty of the customer and not to draw the attention away by
overly complicated design. That’s why my collections use pure minimalist

[Mikara] Out of all of your products, what would you say is your most proudest item & why?
Definitely my last collection Kyō.. There I found a symbiosis between
the wearable and artistic jewellery. They complement each other
perfectly because the core pieces of the collection tell a story which
attracts the viewer. However, thanks to the smaller pieces of this
collection the viewer may become a wearer who takes part of this story
with her in the form of a pendant, earrings or other pieces.

[Mikara] What luxury designer/brand do you admire the most and why?
In the jewellery field the designer Yael Sonia caught my eye. She makes
a luxurious, but very refined jewellery. Often, I am captivated by
collections or object by young designers who are more and more brave in
the jewellery making. In the fashion field I am fascinated by the work
of Iris van Herpen.

[Mikara] How do you describe fashion?
There is fortunately a great difference between fashion and jewellery
making. The jewellers don’t have to follow the seasonal trends, but they
design and make jewels which should ideally last forever. Thus we have
more time and ease for working on a collection. In my opinion it is a
good way when a jewellery brand finds its style which is characteristic
and unique for it. In fashion a lot is subjected to a current trend.

[Mikara] Outside of fashion designing, what do you do for fun?
I love riding bike in the countryside. I try to go for a short ride
every day to clear my head from everything and to allow my body a bit of
endorphins. Most of all I like travelling and meeting new people and
cultures. I also like reading and rose wine There is so much which
interests me…

[Mikara] Where would you like to see your brand, Katerina Reich, in 2 years ago?
As I do everything myself, from designing to making the jewellery, I
would like to have an employee in the future so I could concentrate more
on designing new collections. I have so many new ideas and so little
time to create.