MOARÉ inspirational glasses 

nickel-plated brass, foils

The inspirational glasses are designed for architects to help them find new ideas when observing architecture or natural environment as well as for those who just want to experience the view of the world around them in a new way. The foils in the glasses are removable and exchangeable. They can be used individually or combined together. So far two types of them are available- coloured or transparent with raster prints and various lines. The construction of the glasses enables to change the focus of the user by adjusting the distance of the foils.

photo Eliška Sky | MUA Kateřina Koki Mlejnková | Models Eva Slabá, Linda Skálová (Pure model)

photo / video > Eliska Sky
MUA > Kateřina Koki Mlejnková
model > Eva Slabá & Linda Skálová (Pure model)

photo > Lukáš Dohnal
model > Thu Huong Truong

photo > Marie Brousilová
MUA > Smeries
model > Tereza Vokurková

photo > Jiří Votava
model > Martina Mikulková

exhibition > "Fashion for Bank Robbers”
place > Maximiliansforum, Munich, Germany 2022
curator > Carina Shoshtary