movable jewel | stainless steel, acrylic glass, lenticular foils, weight approx 3.5 kg

I have been thinking for a long time on how to grasp the connection between myself and the technical world surrounding me including its growing effect on me in the future. I have realised that on earth as well as in the air we are surrounded by satellites sending signals all around us, although we rarely think about it so. And the idea to create a jewel visually inspired by the logo of signal came to me at this

The signal is usually depicted by three differently sized half-circles, as often used for example as an icon in mobile phones, Wi-Fi. Although SIGNALIX is more of an artefact than a jewel for everyday wear. By creating this object I would like to express my own feelings because I do not only feel as a receiver of signals from the outside but also as a being sending signals towards others. These may be called an aura or anything else you wish.

photo Lucie Kout | model Linde Von Schwärze

photo > Lucie Kout
model > Linde Von Schwärze

video > Marie Brousilová (Maynka)
model > Katerina Reich